Characteristics and applications of aluminum

12 Nov

Here are a few characteristics of aluminum and related applications:
Malleable, lightweight, good electrical conductivity: Use as well as the wire electrode wires need light to be reasonable distance.


High weather resistance: Due to the aluminum oxidation layer is not oxidized further, this property is suitable for applications as doors, windows suffered weathering.
Light: There are many devices and machines need lightweight material, aluminum is therefore a good solution for them as shells aircraft, spacecraft shells, phone shell … (of course, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum is not meet hardness.

Easy to react with oxygen: Due among brothel contain metal, so metal properties of high aluminum, aluminum powder and oxidized very white flame burning under should be used in fireworks. In addition to high enough temperatures, the aluminum will react with oxygen to form aluminum fusion famous for fusing metal, typically the application to railroad tracks welded.

There is an interesting fact about aluminum is that:
In the first period modulated aluminum (aluminum is due to strong metal oxide compound of aluminum increased as reliable in nature should not have pure aluminum aluminum prepared very hard), Napoleon III 19th century the cutlery, dinnerware made of aluminum so dedicated to his most distinguished guests, others can only be used for tableware made of gold or silver.